We work with churches to equip their leaders for ministry




Our training events are flexible to meet the needs of our partner churches. From one to three day events, we have developed a curriculum that can be easily adapted to develop leaders biblically. We base our trainings on what the Bible has to say about leadership, with Christ as our ultimate example of a godly leader.

Our Leadership Training Events cover a range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to What is Leadership
  • A Paradoxical Style of Leadership
  • The Example of Jesus
  • Servant Leadership
  • Principles of Servant Leadership
  • Characteristics of the Biblical leaders
  • Challenges in Leadership
  • Persecution Course
  • Apologetics Courses


Our Leadership School is a 2-year program designed to equip leaders with the necessary tools, training, and follow-up to serve God with strong minds and soft hearts. At the end of the program, we hope these leaders will know how and why to set goals in ministry and will lead with Christ-like hearts.

We desire to raise up leaders who are: 

  • Shepherds, who care about people’s welfare.
  • Servants, with a humble hearts
  • Examples, who reflect Jesus
  • Guides, pointing people to the Lord.

After graduating from our School, these leaders enter into a mentoring program to help them find their future leadership role. We hope to see many of them become pastors of churches, students in theological seminaries, and leaders of ministries as well as leaders for their communities.



We work with leaders across the Middle East to equip them for ministry. Our trainings develop well-rounded leaders by focusing on the character and skill.

The Together Network presented a great example to the leaders as they practiced with charisma, diversity of character, and background while maintaining harmony and teamwork. We are proud to have reached 32 discipleship groups in 18 evangelical churches and serve around 250 women. The pastors testify that these groups have had a great impact in creating and promoting the spirit of discipleship and evangelism in their churches. Happy to say that some church groups have given birth to new groups.

Laurice Awad Officer, Cairo Ladies’ Committee Council for Christian Education Synod of the Nile
Discipleship Training Tools


Our Leadership School utilizes a media-assisted, multi-lingual discipleship training tool developed in partnership with organizations from around the world. It is intended for open use by organizations, churches, pastors, lay leaders and individuals. The vision of these Essentials is to develop a trained, mature base of Christ-followers as a means to evangelize and disciple the next generation of Christian leaders.

Each lesson contains a video, audio, and text summary, as well as a leader ’s guide and study guide for further learning. It is designed to be flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Select from individual lessons, use a full module, or go through an entire course!

Exploring Discipleship
Leading Small Groups
Spiritual Gifts
The Church and Worship
Leadership Lifestyle
Christian Character Development
Forgiveness & Reconciliation
Christian Doctrine
Pastoral Basics​
Family Life​